Rustic Shanrath Slip Bricks


Handmade 100% clay slip bricks with attractive surfaces resulting from the hand making process, together with sands combining with the clay, leading to variability within each brick.215 X 65 X 16mmFeature wall, rustic,

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Price is per box of 30

Slip bricks, whilst retaining all the properties of the standard product, exhibit the brick face only; and may be attached by several methods, to a stable base surface of virtually any construction. Transforming plain or disfigured surfaces into attractive brickwork.

The slips are manufactured individually by hand from prepared clays of differing textures and colours.

Our slips may be attached to prepared surfaces by skilled craftsmen, retaining the slight variation resulting from this types of application. Systems are available where satisfactory application may be achieved by attaching pre – formed jigs to the base surface, with slips glued into place and joints filled with mortar.

In today’s environment where energy saving and insulation are ever more important, brick slips may be attached to insulation boards or pre-formed boards where brick size indentations allow unskilled attachment.

  • 215 X 65 X 16mm
  • Each box contains 30 slips- ½M2

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Weight 12 kg

Pale Buff, Rustic Buff, Rustic Shanrath, Rosemary Red

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