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At Pizza Ovens 4 U we provide everything that you need to build your own wood fired pizza oven. The step by step guides below will show you how to use our pizza oven kits to build your own pizza oven. Download the files below to help you get started woth building your pizza oven.

Step-by-Step Guide for Valimbrosa Oven

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Valimbrosa Pizza Oven Materials List

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Step 1

Build a reinforced base from concrete or steel. The base needs to be a minimum size of 1.3m x 1.2m to fit the pizza oven. Ideally go bigger if you wish to have room around it to leave down utensils, pizzas etc.

Step 2

Put down a layer of 25mm fibre blanket. On top of this form a 4” / 100mm layer of Vermiculite Concrete. N.B. This vermiculite concrete is not for structural use. You will need a reinforced base underneath.

Step 3 – Check the Base is Perfectly Level

Step 4

Place the oven floor sections in position, centred on the base. Fix in place using a little cement / Dinset. Place the dome without mortar in position.

Step 5

Assemble the front arch as shown using modular arch bricks on each side. Insert the door to make sure it fits correctly before jointing the pieces.

Step 6

Put on top flue gather brick and insert flue in chimney opening. Use Dinset to secure.

Step 7

Cut & stick the fibre blanket to the dome using Dinset / Cement.

Step 8

Cover dome with 4” / 100mm Vermiculite. A second layer of blanket and cement may be added to the top of the dome to ensure no heat loss.

Step 9

Stick on slip bricks and add second flue if required

Step 10

When finishing the insulation coat use a slightly wetter concrete vermiculite mix to achieve a smooth finish. Leave to set for at least 24 hours. Then dry slowly in open air or with small fires. 1

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